InterNetwork was founded by broadcasters looking for "the next platform" for serving a mass audience through audio and video netcasting. Our goal was to find solutions to existing problems instead of first developing a technology then searching for a market as is often done.

InterNetwork's extensive involvement in both broadcasting and netcasting through the years allowed the company to evolve with technological and consumer trends. Today, InterNetwork specializes in audio and video based internet media and personal communications applications.

iNet Radio

The ultimate internet radio, combining a wide selection of popular Music Channels with instant access to News, Weather, Sports, Talk, and virtually any other online program. There's no need to search the net for content, save a lot of sites as favorites, or download a different app for each site. Users enjoy a complete selection of information and entertainment all together in one versatile player.

iNetRadio is available as a free app for iPhones, iPads, and Androids and as a player for desktop and laptop computers.


The app that makes communicating with friends, family, or anyone as fast and simple as speaking. Blurt lets users talk with someone privately, or they can set up groups of people (Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Classmates, etc) who can all talk with each other. The unique BLURTstream feature plays your incoming messages automatically as they arrive. Be part of a group conversation just by listening.

Unlike texting, Blurts provide a new kind of authenticity and allow users to express emotion with sound.