InterNetwork History

There aren't many companies that can say they were here from the start, but we can. InterNetwork Broadcasting began 24/7 programming at a time when there were no more than a handful of companies pioneering the netcast industry. Today, InterNetwork Broadcasting remains one of the only companies that have remained intact while others have been bought, dissected, altered, absorbed, or completely shut down.

Why is that important? InterNetwork Broadcasting's expertise in the field of audio and video netcasting has been able to consistently grow through ALL the developments in audio and video technology. In 1997, at a time when our technology was the only technology to offer video, we hosted the first live internet broadcast from the summit of Mount Everest which was viewed in over 80 countries...amazing for that stage of netcast technology.

It's easy to find new netcasting companies reinventing the wheel and making all the simple mistakes as they rush into the business. But, if your netcasting needs are important, you can jump to the leader with unsurpassed experience in netcasting.

Welcome to InterNetwork Broadcasting!